Every year approximately 3,500 people are killed and more than 17,000 people are seriously injured in fires across the US. Your life and the lives of your family may depend on your fire safety knowledge.  Could you survive a fire?

Time To Take The Fires Safety Awareness Test

Test Your Knowledge Before It’s Too Late

If your smoke detector goes off and wakes you, how much time do you have to get out of the house?

A – 1 minute
B – 5 minutes
C – 10 minutes


After your smoke detector goes off, what do you do?

A – Jump out of bed and find out what’s happening.
B – Go to the telephone and call 9-1-1
C – Crawl to the floor and slowly stand up to see if it’s hot overhead.


You’re at the door, what do you do next?
A – Open the door and locate the fire.
B – Slowly open the door and peek out.
C– Feel the door to see if it’s hot.


If the door is hot, what should you do?
A – Do not open. Get out from your alternate escape route.
B – Open the door slowly and peek out.
C – Place towels and sheets under the door.

If the door is cool, what should you do?
A – Go the telephone and call 9-1-1.
B – Get dressed, take your valuables and get out.
C – Go to the nearest exit, away from the fire, and get out.
D – Stay low under smoke and escape by nearest exit away from fire.

Once out of your house or apartment, what should you do?
A – Go back for the valuables.
B – Meet at the pre-established meeting place with family members.
C – Fight the fire with your garden hose.

When should you test your smoke detector?
A – Once a week.
B – Once a month.
C – Once a year.
D – Does not have to be tested.

When should you practice a fire exit drill?
A – Once a year.
B – During Fire Prevention Week.
C – Twice a year.

A pan of grease catches fire on the stove; what should you do?
A – Use a fire extinguisher.
B – Smother flames with a lid.
C – Dump baking soda on fire.
D – Pour water on the pan.

You’re on vacation and your room is on the 10th floor of your hotel when a fire breaks out. You try to leave but the halls and stairs are filled with smoke. What should you do?
A – Go back to your room and call 9-1-1.
B – Place wet towels around the door to your room.
C – Open a window at the top or bottom if you need air.
D – Stay by the window to signal firefighters.
E – All of the above.


Answers To The Fire Safety Awareness Test

  • The correct answer is (A). In a fire survival is measured in seconds. However, do not panic-your safety escape may depend on clear thinking.
  • The correct answer is (C). By crawling to the door, you will stay under the smoke and close to the ground where the air is clearer. Remember; keep bedroom doors closed at night.
  • The correct answer is (C). If the door is hot, opening it would add oxygen to the fire, spreading it into your bedroom.
  • The correct answer is (A). Use your alternate escape route. Make sure windows are not painted shut and doors are not blocked by furniture.
  • The correct answer is (D). Always stay low under smoke. Never try to escape into a fire. Go into a room the fire has not entered and close the door. Use your alternate escape.
  • The correct answer is (B). When you establish your family fire escape plan, decide on a meeting place away from the house for all family members. Never re-enter a burning building.
  • The correct answer is (A) or (B). Make sure smoke detectors are installed on every level of your hose and test them at least once a month. Keep spare batteries on hand.
  • The correct answer is (C). You should practice your fire exit drill in warm weather as well as cold weather.
  • The correct answer is (A), (B), or (C). Never try to put out a grease fire with water-it will spatter burning grease, spreading the fire.
  • The correct answer is (E). All of the answers are correct. Never use the elevators-the electrical system could short out, leaving you trapped inside the elevator. Remember to keep your room key with you so you can re-enter your room. It is possible to stay safe in your room for a couple of hours with the door closed. Stay low near the bottom of the window and place wet towels around the door to seal out smoke.