Home fires in the United States number over 1,000 a day. How safe is your home from fire? Have the whole family study these questions and check fro fire hazards. Every “No” points to a fire hazard.


(A printable copy of this checklist is available here: Home Fire Safety Checklist)


  • Do you keep matches away from sources of heat such as stoves and heaters?
  • Do you make sure matches and smoking materials are out before disposing of them?
  • Do you have plenty of large, non-combustible ashtrays in every room?
  • Is “No smoking in bed” a rule in your home?


  • Do you allow only qualified electricians to install or extend your wiring?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets in every room to avoid the need for multiple attachment plugs and long extension cords?
  • Do you have special circuits for heavy-duty appliances such as stoves?
  • Do you use only 15 amp fuses for your household light circuits?
  • Are all extension cords in the open – not run under rugs, over hooks, or through partitions or door openings?


  • Do you keep your yard cleared of leaves, debris, and combustible rubbish?
  • If any of the surrounding property is vacant, have weeds, dry leaves, and rubbish been cleared off?
  • If you keep gasoline for use in a power mower or outboard motor, is it stored in a strong, metal safety-type can with self-closing caps on the openings?
  • If your garage is attached to the house, is it separated by a tight-fitting door, which is kept closed?


  • Do you keep your basement, closets and attic cleared of old rags, papers, mattresses, broken furniture, and other combustible odds and ends?
  • After using oily polishing rags or waste, do you destroy them or place them in covered metal cans?
  • If you store paint, varnish, etc., do you keep the containers tightly closed?


  • Do you always turn off the stove / oven before leaving the kitchen?
  • Do you always turn the dryer off before leaving your home?
  • Do you always clean the lint tray in your dryer before each use?